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Shooting Analog (Film simulation using digital)

For quite some time, I have been thinking about what would be the experience of shooting film, where you don't have the luxury of looking at the LCD of a digital camera every time you take a shot. There is no way to know what will come out, if something worth while will come out, if at all.

I decided to simulate shooting analog, with a digital one, of course. Here is what I did:

Switched off automatic preview / playback of captured image

Kill my urge to look at the image, and not looking at the image

Shoot only in JPEG (no RAW)

The following image is SOOC (Straight Out Of Camera). NO corrections / manipulations to the image

  • F11
  • ISO 200
  • 1/500 sec
  • Film Simulation - Fuji ACROS+R
  • Fuji xPro 2
  • XF 16-55mm F2.8 W

Hemant AnandComment